Bits and pieces from the astoundingly normal life of Paul Carlisle Kletchka

Here’s a gem from dinner the other night.  And yes, we had guests over… @PinkPeonies:  Do you need to go to the bathroom? The Monkey:  No. @PinkPeonies:  Then why are you grabbing your crotch? The Monkey:  Because my vulva is CONCENTRATING.

Monkey:  Daddy!  Look at my finger!  (holds out her index finger, which has something on the end of it that looks like a horrible blood blister) Me:  (with a look of horror on my face)  What is that?!?! Monkey:  (scraping the horror from her finger into my hand)  It came out of my nose. She …

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The Monkey was being particularly lovey with her mama – lots of hugs and snuggling.  She let out a little sigh, placed her head on Mama’s shoulder, and said, “You’re so complicated…” I had to turn away and hide my face.  She was so sincere, and I think she meant it as a compliment, but …

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