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Last week was the first one back in my regular office after it underwent a much-needed and much-appreciated face-lift. I’ve yet to move everything back in, which meant it was the perfect time to take pictures. That way, I can remember how lovely it was before I junked it all up again. Seriously, though – it’s so nice now that I will have to make sure to take the time and keep it orderly. If you never saw it prior to the remodeling, these pictures won’t mean a whole lot to you (and I of course forgot to snap a set of “before” shots). But for those of you who remember what it looked like, you may not even recognize it as the same office.

From the Door

My Desk - Before it Gets Bad

Wide View - Left Wide View - Right

New Bench - Left Side New Bench - Right Side

The Beast's New Home

Looking Out

The entire set of photos is posted on Flickr, along with comments that will likely bore you to tears. I’m excited, though, and had to share. I also want to say that Charlie, the staff member who re-did the room, does fantastic work and I’m forever indebted to him for taking great care in making my office not only look great, but also for making it a much more functional space. If you’re in the area, you should stop by and see it, along with the rather large smile on my face when I’m in it.

2 thoughts on “The Old Office is New Again

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fantastico!I really didn\’t recognize the place.The MRI wallpaper makes me want to barf on Dan\’s shoes… yeesh.

  2. I\’m afraid the wallpaper was my doing. I got tired of people complaining about Bat Boy. Knew it was time to just change it when I almost smacked ggj for an off-the-cuff remark about it. That was a bad day. Decided to go with black so I could see all the friggin\’ icons that were migrating to my desktop.

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