Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Think This Makes Me a Horrible Person...

I just sat and listened as my wonderful wife -- the incredible mother of our child, my partner in all things, the love of my life -- tried to walk her grandmother through getting to the Facebook page and logging on, all via a phone call.  In that one conversation, I heard so many elements of all the frustrating helpdesk phone calls I ever took.  And all I could do was sit there and laugh quietly to myself.  Some highlights...

"No, Grandma.  You're looking at your e-mail.  You want to be in a WEB BROWSER."

"That's a CAPTCHA...  No, it shouldn't be easy to read."

"No-no-no-no-no-no.  NOT YAHOO."

"That's your password.  You shouldn't share that with anyone.  Not (family member), (family member), or even (family member)."

I am a terrible, horrible person -- I know...

monkey-isms (3)

Monkey:  Daddy!  Look at my finger!  (holds out her index finger, which has something on the end of it that looks like a horrible blood blister)

Me:  (with a look of horror on my face)  What is that?!?!

Monkey:  (scraping the horror from her finger into my hand)  It came out of my nose.

She happily skipped away, singing a sweet little song...