Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nearly Three Months Later...

I've worked at Security Operations and Services (SOS) for almost three months, now. I'm still "the new guy," but I do feel very much at home, here. And although I do miss so many of the folks at MRI, I have to admit that my stress level has dropped considerably since changing jobs. I would have to attribute that to the fact that I'm no longer at the mercy of random system failures 24 hours a day. In fact, there are times when I even turn my mobile phone OFF. And since I'm the father of a small child, that's a very good thing. And it reinforces for me that I made the right choice for myself and my family in making the switch.

I knew that leaving MRI would be difficult. And for anyone who attended my farewell party, I think it was pretty apparent that was true. Looking so many friends in the eye and saying good-bye was heart-wrenching, even though I was only moving to a different unit within the university. I've had occasion to visit my old stomping grounds a few times since the move, and I'm still in pretty regular contact with the IT team (for better or for worse!). And I still catch myself finding excuses to drive by the MSC construction site to check on the progress being made there.

I want to thank all of you at MRI for the lovely send-off you gave me. I certainly didn't expect presents, but as usual, you showed the generosity of the MRI family with your gifts, and I don't think I could express just how much that means to me. My best wishes go out to all of you for the happiest of holiday seasons and a fantastic New Year! And while I hope you don't find yourselves in a position where you urgently need the services of SOS, should that happen, rest assured you have a friend here.

(Me in the new office. Believe it or not, it isn't filled with computer parts.)