Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Things Like This That Threaten My Mental Health

So, I have this question that is absolutely killing me. And I need to ask it because I really do want an answer, even though I know I won't get one that satisfies me. Of course, I don't mean any offense to anyone here, even though it will probably sound like I do…

Over this past summer, I kept putting off major yard work because I would look at the weather forecast and rain would be predicted. Sometimes, this would happen for days in a row. Something else would get put on the schedule in anticipation of said rain, but that rain never seemed to materialize when it was forecast. The daytime hours would be filled with heavy clouds with absolutely no rain. It might move in at 10 in the evening that same day, but I swear it never, ever happened when the forecast said it would. So my yard work would go undone.

Today, I have a metric crap ton of leaves in my yard that I need to move, mulch, or otherwise get rid of, so despite the forecast of "rain starting around noon," I went out and got started. You see this coming, right? At noon, as I stood there with my leaf blower, clearing the six-inch thick carpet of yellow away from my two giant maple trees (I've already done one round of this), the sky opened up and the rain began to pour down.

Why is it that today, of all days, the forecast was spot on?

Really. I want to know...