Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Open Mouth, Insert Foot (Shin, Calf, Knee, Thigh, and So On)

I love Twitter because I can say all of those things that are on my mind for which I never before had an audience.

I hate Twitter because I say all of those things that pop into my head without much thought and now I have an audience.


Sorry, tweetpeeps -- I should have known that your comments were made in jest. In hindsight, that's the only way it all makes any sense. The good news is: my lump of coal should be a diamond any day, now!

I'll remember today the next time a knee-jerk reaction compels me to tweet a response to someone. And then I'll slowly back away from the keyboard...


istgrrl said...

Okay, I am gonna admit to being really, really obtuse. If this post was in reaction to a certain tongue-in-cheek online twitter convo in which I participated last week, I am equally sorry if we offended. There was absolutely no harm intended; we were being a bit too bawdy with our joking, but I honestly thought you were playing along. See? You might have to mumble with your foot in mouth, but at least you aren't spectacularly ignorant of your surroundings!

I'll try a bit harder to be more responsible in my irresponsible posting. Promise! ;)

paul carlisle kletchka said...

Oh, heavens - no offense was taken. Quite the opposite. I was afraid that I'd offended you!

Irresponsible posting - bah! You guys were just having fun, and I was the one with the proverbial bug rooming in my posterior. Fuggedaboudit! =)